Poll Results: Sherwood Broadband

Here are the results of my informal poll. Thanks to all that participated. I appreciate everyone taking the time to make their voices heard on this subject. 

Understanding your desires and concerns informs my decision-making process as your representative on the council.

Please Stay tuned!

Council is considering approving a pilot project to expand the current broadband service to include residential service. If approved, the pilot would be available to about 500 homes where we currently have fiber in the ground at the curb. 

Please check out the projects tab on my websites for more information and future updates on this project. 


Do you live in the city of Sherwood?

Do you currently have broadband Internet service at your residence?

The city should conduct a pilot project for residential broadband service.

Assuming a successful pilot project, should the city make this service available to all citizens?

If you currently have broadband Internet service, could you tell us who your provider is?

Do you currently bundle your broadband internet services with other services?

When choosing a Broadband service provider for your home, what factors are most important to you?

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This poll is in no way sponsored or administered by Facebook or the City of Sherwood Oregon. I am conducting this poll as your representative on city council. It is important that I reach out in as many ways as possible to understand public sentiment on this project. It is also important to know that this is not a scientific poll and only represents the opinion of the respondents.