POLL: Sherwood West UGB Expansion

The City of Sherwood Is considering asking Metro to expand the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) by 626 acres. 

I need your input before making a decision on this matter. 

What this expansion could mean to Sherwood over the next ten years:

  • Would add 455 acres of developable land

  • Would add 130 acres of creek corridor, open space, and parks

  • Would add 3.16 acres of commercial land and a gateway district

  • 3,896 to 5,155 housing units (Sherwood currently has approx. 6,700)

  • 11,177 to 14,898 additional residents in Sherwood, up to a 77% increase

  • 3,017 to 4,036 more students in our schools, up to a 76% increase

Some background before you take the poll:

Metro is a planning and policymaking body whose mission is to preserve and enhance the quality of life in the Portland metro area.  The state requires that Metro maintain a 20-year supply of developable land and grow the UGB to maintain it.  By looking at population projections and density requirements and evaluating developable land, every three years, Metro determines where that growth should be absorbed.  The last time Metro expanded the UGB was in 2012; the time has come once more for Metro to look at population projections and respond in 2018.  Sherwood is one of 24 cities that are in Metro's jurisdiction, so Sherwood is one of the communities where expansion could be considered.

Metro does not dictate which cities get a UGB expansion.  Instead, Metro requires cities to evaluate their own future housing and buildable land needs and then make a request to Metro if they determine that buildable land is needed to absorb projected growth. Sherwood completed a housing need study and determined that there was a deficit of 497 household units in the 20-year supply.

The Four Step Process from UGB Expansion to Starting Development

In December 2017, the city sent a "Letter of Intent" to Metro. This letter was to alert them to the fact that a formal request would come in May of 2018, pending council approval. Expanding the UGB and annexing land is a four-step process. It is important to understand who controls each step.

  1. Request to expand UGB, city controls, can request every three years

  2. Approval of request, Metro controls

  3. Creation of zoning and community plan, Metro controls timing (2-year deadline)

  4. Annexation of property to start development, land owners control timing. (see Senate Bill 1573; state laws allow land owners to force annexation)

The only step where the city has 100% control of the timing and rate at which land could be brought into the city and developed is the first step. This is why it is so important that we get your input before deciding to ask Metro to expand the UGB.