Sherwood Skate Park?

On February 20th, 2018, The Sherwood City Council will be making a key decision on a skate park. In that meeting we will be deciding to either proceed with the current plan to build the skate park next to the YMCA Teen Center, re-evaluate the entire project including the location, or cancel the project. 

Beyond the planning work that the city has completed, there is a lot of great material on the internet about community skate parks and other examples of skate parks being located at YMCA facilities and city-run facilities. I have included links to some of the more interesting information on this page.

For me as your representative, there are several key points/questions/issues to be considered:

  • "Sources and uses" for funding the project, one time and on-going.

  • If we locate next to the YMCA, is the YMCA willing to work/partner with the city on the project?

  • If we locate next to the YMCA, would the project prevent expanding the facility that the YMCA operates for us in the future? (pool, racket ball, etc...)

  • If we partner with the YMCA, do we allow the YMCA to charge a membership/use fee? If not, how do we fund operations of the park?

  • Can we recieve donations from the public?

  • What are the community's desires/goals/expectations on this project?

The last point is the most important. Your desires as a community are most important. With that in mind, I ran a poll on facebook to help get citizen feedback. 384 people responded to the poll. The poll results are on this page.

I also encourage you to review the comments that were given at the public workshop that was held on the subject. 

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