Sherwood Broadband, An Broadband Service Utility

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The Sherwood Broadband utility was formed back in early 2004 with the goal of providing broadband internet services to homes and business in the Sherwood community. In 2009 the business model of Sherwood Broadband was refined to focus on Business to Business services and not compete against private residential providers like Comcast and Frontier. 

Today Sherwood Broadband operates primarily as a provider of fiber optic carrying capacity for internet service providers and large institutional/commercial customers in Sherwood and surrounding communities. 

In addition to the fiber optic services that Sherwood Broadband offers the utility has also constructed a wireless network in which residents can receive free wireless internet access at select locations around town.  Locations include Downtown Sherwood, Senior Center, YMCA, Police Department, and Public Works facility. 

Sherwood Broadband brings in about $500,000 in revenue per year, which covers all of it's operating costs including labor. It is important to note, as a public utility, Sherwood Broadband revenues can't be used to fund city projects outside of the Sherwood Broadband Mission. 

What is Next?
There are three paths that Sherwood Broadband can pursue, and we are not limited to just one path:

1. Continue to grow its portfolio of business customers, and build upon the success that has already been achieved!

2. Provide residential Internet Services to residents of Sherwood

3. As HB4155 goes into effect, local governments in Oregon will be barred from purchasing broadband services from companies that are not "Net Neutral". Sherwood Broadband, a net neutral provider, has an opportunity provide services to those agencies. 

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