Priorities & Projects

Sherwood is the envy of NW Oregon. Our city is steeped in tradition, with world-class public safety, excellent schools, and a vibrant sense of community.  As your councilor, I will be focused on meeting the challenges that we face today and ensuring that we are set up for success in the future. I have the following goals:

  • Restore confidence in local government and its leaders.

  • Promote a strong partnership with our school system.

  • Champion "traffic calming" and traffic congestion solutions that enhance safety and livability.

  • Ensure the safety of our students as we build a new high school.

  • Pedestrian Bridge at 99W and Sunset, connecting trail systems and enhancing safety for our students.

  • Promote, encourage, and nurture our incredible cultural and performing arts programs.

  • Focus growth on projects that are compatible with our community values.

  • Promote stable funding sources that do not put additional tax burdens on our citizens.

  • Rebuild a strong partnership with the YMCA.

  • Find stable funding for the senior center and enhance programming.

Check out the projects for more detail on specific issues and challenges that I am working on.

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